Chameleon Cage Hack: Vine Trellis Background.

Using a trellis at the back and/or sides of your chameleon cage will improve the surface area that your cham can climb, and provide valuable real estate for plant life to grow. A simple trellis can be bought at most hardware stores – make sure you get one that appears to be untreated. Do not use a trellis made out of pine or cedar – try to find a trellis that is plastic, bamboo or full branches such as willow. When your chameleon climbs the bare screen, it can rip out or damage nails and cause nose rub. A trellis helps to mimic a natural environment by using the surface area of the sides and back, which are normally unused by most chameleon keepers when setting up the cage.

Guru Tip: Use these adjustable suction cups, 10 for $2.73 on Amazon, to ensure your trellis doesn’t fall down! You can also silicone the trellis in the corners, and prop bamboo or other wood pieces up against the trellis to keep it in place. Some trellises are collapsible, so make sure you stretch it out SIDE TO SIDE and not UP/DOWN, as going up/down will cause gravity to collapse the trellis over time if it’s not properly secured.

Here is our Jackson’s cage with this willow wood trellis, $23.92 on Amazon, with a trailing pothos vine climbing up. Since these trellises are collapsible, the final size can be adjusted to fit most cages.


Taji Cage

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