Student Can’t Draw Chameleon, Renews “Beast Jesus” Mania on Twitter

A bored student, with Twitter handle Splenda Daddy, @Alex_jonsie attempted to hone his eidetic memory through doodling a chameleon, but failed miserably in recalling what the reptile actually looks like.

Tweeting the photo of this butchering of artistic expression across the internet, he has garnered a flurry of support from fellow two-left-handers and meme makers alike.

It wasn’t long before political satire and comparisons to the new swamp creatures in Washington were made, like Steve Bannon of Breitbart :

Of course, Donald Trump was soon to follow:


Photoshoppers had a field day, attempting to play God by bringing this 2D concept into the living, breathing world:



The image has gone as viral as “Elderly Woman Ruins 19th Century Fresco in Restoration Attempt”  The magnificent Beast Jesus:




Rather than be made fun of, the fresh new POTUS, Donald Trump – famous for his own controversial Twitter ramblings – has even joined in the virality of the Tweet.. Perhaps the Commander In Chief felt some form of familiarity with the elementary age skill level, or childlike simplicity of the drawing.

Splenda Daddy, we know what to get you for Christmas...


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