Can I Keep A Marijuana (Cannabis) Plant In My Chameleon Cage?


Puff Puff Pass

It’s a common half baked question “Dude, can I keep a marijuana plant in my chameleon cage?!”  And a question more people will be asking now that it’s legalized in much of the USA and Canada.

I could say it’s a bad idea, and it is a bad idea, but I also know there are a lot of stoners out there who want to do it anyway. So let this be an unofficial guide to doing something you shouldn’t do…..but hey, if you’re reading this you’ve probably already done things you shouldn’t do. You must first accept that this is just for show, a ‘wow’ (or, whoooooooah..) factor to impress your pals. You won’t actually get anything smoke-able for yourself, and your pet could care less.

50% of seeds will produce male, and the other 50% will produce female. So you’re gonna get some Cheech, and you’re gonna get some Chong, and this makes a big difference in how animal-safe the plant is going to be.

To grow a marijuana plant in your chameleon cage, if you do decide to do it, you must consider the gender of the plant.  All marijuana leaves do produce phytochemicals that are processed to make hashish; so while male plants produce less of these phytochemicals, be aware that your chameleon doesn’t have to eat only the bud to be affected. No studies have been done on the effects of CBD or THC on chameleons, though no problems have been reported anecdotally on forums either.



The Cheech

Female plants are the breadwinners and munchiemakers of the plant kingdom, providing the wonderful ‘Bud’ we all covet.


Male plants….just kinda hang out and don’t do much…. In this case, you could almost say you are what you eat.


You’re not going to get optimal ‘grow-op’ growing conditions in a chameleon cage, or any reptile vivarium, without the kind of lights that would both cook and blind your chameleon. However, because the male marijuana plant does not produce buds, it requires less attention than the female plant.

The real problem here is how fast these weeds grow. In a few months you may have a plant that takes up most of the cage, and will always be replacing and re-potting the plant. If you have a lot of plants around, this isn’t a problem for you – but it may stress out your chameleon. If you are changing out a plant, make sure your chameleon is somewhere safe and comfortable while you redecorate.

Remember that chameleon lungs are sensitive to actual smoke – whether it’s incense, tobacco smoke, or from shotgunning your bong hit into your chameleon’s face before you hit the X Box.

This guy actually went to court for being a douchey chronic (being a responsible pet owner Trumps a cool video or photo on your MassRoots account).

So just consider what kind of roaches your chameleon really wants. In fact, the best way to use your marijuana plants to benefit your chameleon is to use the leaves as a gutload! The Cannabinoids (CBD) in the leaves are a great nutrient.


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